Changes to Supplier Request Information


When an organization has set up a 4me® account that is used only as an integration point for one of its external providers, it is important to know how requests are identified in the ticketing system of the provider.  For this, the Supplier and Supplier request ID fields can be used.  A few changes have been made to the way that these fields are handled within 4me.

Most notably, this information is now stored per account, and no longer per request.  This means that every account that is involved in the creation and resolution of a request can now maintain the supplier and request identification for that supplier independently.  This also means that this information is no longer automatically overwritten whenever a request was passed to another, trusted account. The values of the Supplier and Supplier request ID fields are now visible to everyone who can view the request.

Supplier request id

Exports of requests only contain the supplier and supplier request IDs that are defined within the account from where the export is created.