Changing the Name of a 4me Account

AccountWhen an organization changes its name as part of a rebranding exercise, this typically affects the name of its 4me account. Fortunately, the owner of the account is able update the account’s name simply by opening the ‘Account Settings’ section of the Settings console.

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But that leaves the URL of the account. Let’s suppose the URL that the employees of the enterprise are using is and this needs to be updated to The account owner can request this update to be performed on a specific date and time by submitting a 4me request.
However, after the update of the URL you may find that people may not all have read the communications and may initially not understand why the hyperlink they bookmarked for their Self Service portal no longer works. That is why account owners are now able to request that their account can temporarily be reached using two URLs.
In our example, the new URL ( would be activated at the moment specified by the account owner. At the same time, the old URL ( becomes an alias with which the account can be accessed for a few more weeks while a broadcast reminds the employees to update their bookmarks.
Knowledge Article Self Service Usage report
This new capability should provide a smooth transition whenever the need arises to rename a 4me account.