Checklists in Instructions


It is now possible to add checklists to the instruction fields of requests, tasks, and project tasks. This can be helpful in situations where one person needs to perform a number of smaller, subsequent tasks that need to be tracked for completion and where creating a workflow with many tasks assigned to the same person makes little sense.

To make a checklist available in a request, task, or project task, it needs to be created within the Instructions field of the related template. Let’s look at an example where an Applicant Interview Preparation checklist is created in a request template of the Human Resources account. After adding the lines of text and selecting them, they can be turned into a checklist by pressing the right icon, just as it is done when creating a numbered or bulleted list.

Checklist instructions template

When the request is registered and assigned, the assignee can then mark or unmark the items on the list, even with the request in View mode.

Checklist instructions

All updates to these checklist items are remembered and audited. If the record is opened in Edit mode, changes to the checklist items (i.e. checking or unchecking) are only saved after saving the record. Checked items can be accessed by API and can be imported and exported.