CI No Longer Required for Some Completion Reasons

PC PrinterWhen the status of a request of the category ‘Incident’ is set to ‘Completed’ and the affected service instance is linked to one or more CIs, then the Configuration items field becomes required. However, the specialist completing the request will probably not know the CI that is causing the incident if the Completion reason field is set to one of the following options:

  • Gone – Issue Can No Longer Be Found
  • Duplicate – Same as Another Request of Customer
  • Withdrawn – Withdrawn by Requester
  • No Reply – No Reply Received from Customer
  • Rejected – Rejected by Approver
  • Declined – Declined by Service Provider

That is why the Configuration items field of a request no longer becomes required when one of the above completion reasons is selected.

A CI still needs to be selected when one of the following completion reasons is selected and the incident affected a service instance that has one or more CIs linked to it:

  • Solved – Review Not Required
  • Workaround – Review Required
  • Conflict – In Conflict with Internal Standard or Policy
  • Unsolvable – Unable to Solve

When one of these completion reasons is selected, the specialist who is completing the request will have investigated the incident. So at that point the specialist should know which asset caused the incident.

Required Configuration items field of complete request