CIs Searchable By System ID

Configuration Item

When a request is registered or updated from the Service Desk console and the configuration item that is involved is known, that configuration item should be related to the request.  After clicking ‘Link configuration items’ in the Request form a Search box opens that suggests CIs, comparing the first characters that are entered with the CIs Label and Name fields.

Some organizations identify configuration items using the System ID field, as this field is often used to establish the link between a CI record in 4me and the information that is automatically maintained for it in a system management tool.  To allow these organizations to search for configuration items in the Request form using the System ID, this field is now also included in the suggestions.

If, for example, a service desk analyst wants to register a request involving the DBS00025 – Expense Reporting Production Database but knows this CI only by its System ID ‘WERP01’, he or she can just type in ‘WER’ in the Search box, and all databases for Expense Reporting are suggested.

Link configuration item to request