Collapsible Agile Board

Agile Board

Specialists can now collapse the agile board section that is presented below a request if they prefer not to see this section.  To make this possible, the name of the agile board is now presented above the agile board section.  The small triangle in front of the name indicates that it is possible to collapse this section.

Request with agile board expanded

To collapse the agile board, a specialist can simply click on the name of the agile board.  After collapsing the agile board, it is moved to the very bottom of the browser tab.

Request with agile board collapsed

4me then remembers this as a preference for the specialist.  Until the specialist expands an agile board below a request, agile boards will be collapsed for any request that the specialist opens.  Having the agile board collapsed allows more room to read the notes of requests, which can be useful for people who are working on smaller screens.