Collapsible Views

User experience design

Recently, the 4me Specialist Interface was updated to hide the view pane when editing a record with notes, granting more space to work on that record while, if possible, showing the notes separated from the other fields.  The possibility to hide the view can also be very useful on other types of records, even when a record is not in edit mode.  At the same time, it can sometimes be desirable to be able to show the view pane again.

Hide view

That’s why it is now possible to collapse the view pane throughout the 4me Specialist Interface.  To collapse a view, just press the Collapse view button that sits on the vertical divider between the view and the record.

Collapse view inbox

To show the view, just press the button again, which is now placed on the vertical divider between the vertical menu bar and the record.  The positions of the divider and of the horizontal and vertical scrollbars are remembered until navigating to another section.

Collapsed view inbox

Since there is now no more reason to hide a view automatically, this no longer happens, except when using 4me on a tablet.