Collision Detection in 4me App

AlertSpecialists who are using the 4me App on their smartphone may notice the real-time collision detection feature that was already available in the 4me Specialist Interface.  That’s because this feature has been extended to the 4me App.

Now, when a specialist opens a request using a smartphone, the specialist’s colleagues who are looking at the same request will see that the specialist is updating this record.  And vice versa, the smartphone of the specialist will tell the specialist who else is working on the request.

Real-time collision detection in 4me App during and after a record update by someone else

The yellow line on the left side of the record is the indication that someone else has the record open in Edit mode.  This line turns red as soon as the other person saves the record with an update.

People who access 4me using a browser on a smartphone automatically end up in the 4me Mobile interface.  This interface is useful for people who have not yet downloaded in the 4me App.  Collision detection is also available in the 4me Mobile interface.  There it works just like it does in the 4me App.

This extension of the real-time collision detection feature will help avoid multiple specialists working on the same request, regardless of whether they are working on a PC, tablet or smartphone.