Collision Detection

AlertSince your Inbox console now provides real-time information, we were able to introduce another useful feature. This feature shows you a warning whenever you are working in the Inbox console on a request, problem or task, and someone else updates that same record.

Real-Time Inbox
The following scenario illustrates the usefulness of this feature. Let’s say your team does not have a team coordinator and the service desk just assigned a new request to your team. Thanks to the real-time Inbox console, all members of your team immediately see this new request in their inbox. You open the request in Edit mode, but just after you do this, a colleague clicks on the Start button. Clicking the Start button fills out the Member field and sets the status of the request to ‘In Progress’.

The Collision Detection feature immediately warns you when someone else has updated the record that you are editing. This gives you a chance to cancel your update before it overwrites the changes that your colleague has made.