Column Change in Invoices View

Configuration Item

In recent enhancements, it has become possible to relate invoices to projects, and after that to changes, contracts, service level agreements and first line support agreements.  Soon, it will also be possible to link an invoice to configuration items (CIs).  As it will be possible to link several CIs to one invoice, the ‘Subject’ column on the ‘Invoices’ view, that shows the name of the record an invoice belongs to, is now substituted by the ‘Service’ column, showing the service the records that are linked to the invoices are related to.

Invoice view with service column

For contracts and FLSAs, that are not related to a service, the ‘Service’ column in the ‘Invoice’ view is empty.  Note that invoices still contain the same information, so imports and exports of invoices still function the same way they did before.