Configure Number of Days to Reopen a Request


After a request has been completed for an end user, this person is able to reopen this request during the next 28 days.  After that period, it is also no longer possible to provide feedback to the request, or add a note to it.  As it is not uncommon for people to be on vacation for 3 or even 4 weeks, the 28 day limit generally works well for reopening requests.  Especially considering that in 4me, the remaining SLA resolution time that is available when the request is completed is not lost if the request is reopened after a long time; the SLA clocks simply stop when a request is completed.  So even after reopening it after three weeks, any leftover time can still be used.

Still, quite a few customers have requested to give their end users a shorter maximum time to reopen a request.  It is now possible to define this per account in 4me®, in the ‘Self Service Settings’ section of the Settings console.

Reopen requests provide feedback

The periods for reopening requests and providing feedback are now decoupled.  They may be set separately, as long as the time to provide feedback is not smaller than the time to reopen requests.  It is now even possible to no longer allow requests to be reopened by end users, or to allow it indefinitely.