Configure Supported Languages for Self Service


Using translations and auto-translate, 4me can be used by users who speak different languages, whether they work in the same organization or not. Notes can be automatically translated into the preferred language of the user, of which 52 are supported. The user interface element translations are maintained by multiple translators in 15 languages. And using the ‘Translations’ section of the settings console it is possible to translate several record types, so that they can be displayed in the preferred language of the 4me users. These include knowledge articles, email templates, request templates, UI extensions, and more. It is now possible to configure which languages your end users in 4me Self Service can select to see these translations.

A new setting for this has been added to the ‘Self Service Settings’ section of the Settings console: Supported languages.

Supported languages self service

By adding languages to this list, users in 4me Self Service can choose the default language of the account, or any of the selected languages. This ensures that these users can only select a language in which the relevant knowledge articles, email templates, etc., are available. They can do this by clicking on their avatar and subsequently opening ‘My Profile’ in edit mode.

Selecting no languages as supported languages in the Self Service settings means that all languages are available for the end user.

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