Connect 24 Greatest Hits: Conference Highlights

Connect 24 has drawn to a close! We’ve had an incredible time meeting and getting to know the best minds in the ITSM industry, exploring what the future holds, and showing off the 4me platform. We’re sad to say goodbye to all of our new friends and connections, and to the city of Amsterdam!

If you missed this jam-packed ITSM rock show, we’ve got you covered. We’re hitting rewind on the conference “playlist” here, so you can check out all the top sessions. From exciting keynotes to insightful breakouts, Connect 24 was brimming with inspiration. Here’s the full list:

Connect 24 Greatest Hits

Track 1: Opening Keynote – We kicked off Connect 24 with an exciting, interactive opening session delivered by our CEO, Kevin McGibben. Celebrating this year’s theme of “Better Together,” Kevin welcomed the attendees and emphasized the importance of achieving innovation and success via collaboration. Kevin showed the audience the amazing growth that 4me has been undergoing, and our plans for the future.

Track 2: Unlocking Momentum Keynote – 4me leaders explored how 4me can take organizations beyond ITSM and into a fully connected, interdepartmental ESM architecture. Departments like Finance, HR, Facilities, and more can all use 4me to coordinate workflows and elevate their efficiency and service delivery.

Track 3: Artificial Intelligence Keynote – Scott Hutchins, VP of AI & Integrations at 4me, discussed how AI is transforming service management. AI is reducing the time required to conduct an array of tasks, and automating functions like translation and knowledge base maintenance. 4me is committed to staying at the cutting edge of AI-driven ITSM, and Scott discussed the AI-based releases that have already occurred and those planned for the future.

Track 4: Training and Certification Sessions – A centerpiece of Connect 24, our 4me training and certification sessions gave attendees a full understanding of various 4me roles, such as Administrator, Self-Service Designer, and Integrator. Attendees finished the sessions with certification badges that they can showcase on their social profiles, and the 4me know-how needed to contribute greatly to their teams and organizations.

Track 5: Product Roadmap – 4me CPO Phil Christianson reviewed the current 4me product roadmap, and discussed the key philosophies that drive our product development – including 4me’s main strategic themes of AI, Integrations, and UX. Another major reveal: 4me’s upcoming Graphical UI extension builder!

Track 6: Chris Dancy – We were incredibly grateful to have Chris Dancy, “The Most Connected Human on Earth,” join us for Connect 24. Chris gave a fascinating (and often hilarious) presentation about how analyzing the world through a service management perspective can benefit humans in many surprising ways — including tracking and improving emotional health, prioritizing personal values, managing stress, achieving an ecologically friendly lifestyle, and much more! He also took an empowering look at what the future of technology holds for us – and how to skillfully navigate it in order to truly improve the human experience.

Track 7: Sponsor Expo – Connect 24 wouldn’t have been the energy-packed event it was without our family of experts, industry-leading sponsors. In the spacious, beautiful setting of the Beurs van Berlage’s main hall, attendees enjoyed meeting our sponsors, making connections, and learning about their services.

Track 8: StatusCast Breakout – In this session, attendees discovered all the new capabilities the 4me platform has added since acquiring StatusCast, a leading incident management and status reporting company. We dove into new functions like real-time service status notifications, visuals of the status of the IT service catalog, and more – showing how 4me is a truly complete ITSM platform that offers functions beyond traditional ITSM.

This year’s Connect had the highest number of attendees ever. We couldn’t be more proud of our speakers, partners, trainers, and team, who made this all happen. And we’re deeply grateful for everyone who attended. We hope you had as much fun as we did, and left with a wealth of new ITSM knowledge, industry connections, and plans for the future. (If you’re interested in bringing 4me ESM to your organization, make sure to check out our ESM Guide.)

Once again, thank you for making Connect 24 a smashing success. We’re looking forward to staying in touch and continuing our groundbreaking ITSM journey together. See you next year!