ConnectNow Chat Integration with 4me

ConnectNowA new standard integration has become available for 4me customers, thanks to the ConnectNow development team.  ConnectNow is a chat application that allows service desk analysts and service-specific support teams to work on multiple concurrent chat sessions.  Support organizations implement ConnectNow to offer their customers a chat interface that connects them with a human support specialist.

ConnectNow logoTo improve the performance of support agents, ConnectNow offers many valuable features, such as an interface that incentivizes self-help, canned responses within chats, drag-and-drop file sharing and real-time performance indicators.  The dynamic routing capabilities of ConnectNow allow customers to be routed directly to an agent who has the skills and expertise required to help with specific queries.  This service-oriented approach to routing improves the customer experience because it results in fewer transfers and more ‘first call resolutions’.

Sukhdev Chandi

It has been great working with the team at 4me.  The capabilities that 4me provides for developers made it easy to build this integration.  Like ConnectNow, 4me also supports a service-oriented data structure, which made it possible to offer a deeper level of integration.

Sukhdev Chandi, CEO and Founder of ConnectNow

The integration with 4me allows agents to open a new request from a chat.  The agent can specify the subject, impact and service for this request without leaving the ConnectNow interface.  The customer can see the confirmation in the chat that a request has been registered.  The entire chat session, including any files that were shared, are automatically included in the Notes section of the request.

A short overview of the integration between ConnectNow and 4me is provided in this video.