Convert Custom Field Values to Date-Time in Automation Rules


When an automation rule retrieves the value of a custom field, this value is always considered to be a string (i.e. just text).  To be able to use the values entered in custom date-time fields in calculations, the to_date_time operator has been introduced for automation rules.

The following example demonstrates how the to_date_time operator can be used to calculate and set the start date for a change task using the date and time specified by a requester in a custom field called ‘Planned arrival’.  The UI extension in this example looks as follows for the requester:

Request with custom date-time field in 4me Self Service

The automation rule below shows how the value in the Planned arrival field can be used to set the start date of a change task to 30 minutes before the planned arrival.  The action of the automation rule then enters the calculated value in the Start no earlier than field of the task.

Automation rule with conversion of custom field value to date-time