Copy Permalink of Individual Notes

Copy to ClipboardA helpful feature has been added to allow specialists to point their colleagues to a specific note in a request, problem, change, project task, etc.  When they are writing an email or when they are in a videoconference, they can now share a hyperlink that takes their colleagues not just to a specific record, but to a specific note within the ‘Notes’ section of this record.

To obtain the permalink of a note, click on the vertical ellipsis at the far right of the note’s header.  There the new option ‘Copy Link’ has been added.  Selecting this option causes the permalink of the note to be copied to the computer’s clipboard.

Copy link option for copying the permalink of a note to the clipboard

Anyone who uses this link will be taken to the top of the note within the record that the note is a part of, provided of course that this person has the necessary access rights.  Because the link is account-specific, it is useful only for the colleagues of the specialist who copied the link (i.e. the link will not work for specialists from other accounts).