Create Knowledge Article from Problem without Workaround

KnowledgeThe ability to create a knowledge article from a problem has been extended. Now it is possible to create a new knowledge article from an existing problem, even when a workaround has not yet been provided in this problem. In such case, when the Actions menu option ‘Relate to New Knowledge Article…’ is selected, a new knowledge article is opened with an empty instructions field.

New Knowledge Article Actions menu optionAfter the instructions have been added and the new knowledge article has been saved, the instructions become visible in the problem as its workaround and the Known error box is checked.
Problem with related knowledge article
Marking the problem as a known error is important, because that causes it to appear in the Service Hierarchy Browser (SHB) to the right of a request that is related to a service instance of the problem’s service. Having the problem presented in the SHB allows specialists to drag and drop it onto the request to link it to the problem and the knowledge article, and to add the instructions of the knowledge article to the request’s Note field.