Creating a Knowledge Article from a Problem

KnowledgeLast week, the ability to create a problem from a knowledge article was introduced. Now specialists can also go the other way, using a new feature that makes it easy to prepare a knowledge article from a problem. This can be useful, for example, when a problem’s workaround needs to be shared with the users of the affected service.

New Knowledge Article Actions menu optionTo open a new article from an existing problem, simply select the Actions menu option ‘Relate to New Knowledge Article…’.  A new article will open with the workaround that was specified in the problem already specified in the Instructions field. After saving the new article, it gets linked to the problem.
Knowledge article created from a problem
Once this link has been established, the instructions of the article show up in the problem as its workaround. This workaround is automatically updated whenever someone improves the instructions of the knowledge article.
Note that the ability to open a knowledge article from a problem is available only when the problem is not already linked to a knowledge article and a workaround is defined for the problem.
This new feature further tightens the integration between the Knowledge Management and Problem Management processes within the 4me service.