CTI Fallback

CTIWith 4me it has always been easy to establish a computer telephony integration (CTI). The CTI support that 4me provides makes it possible to open 4me’s Service Desk console when a service desk analyst accepts a new call. By getting the automatic call distributor (ACD) to ask the number of the request that the caller is calling about, this number can be passed to 4me to immediately open that request in the Service Desk console when the agent accepts a call.

CTI - Request-selection in Service Desk console

But if the caller did not provide a number, for example because the caller wants to submit a new request, it would be great if the CTI capabilities of 4me would still be able to open the Service Desk console with the caller selected in the Requester field. That has become possible, because 4me now accepts multiple CTI parameters. The first CTI parameter that yields a result dictates the information that is presented in the Service Desk console when it opens in a new browser tab. The order in which the parameters are checked is:

  • request
  • employeeID
  • supportID
  • telephone

An example of a valid CTI URL that provides two parameters to 4me is presented below for the VirtualSupport organization:


More information about 4me’s CTI capabilities can be found in the developer documentation.