Current and Upcoming SLA Targets

Vertical bar chartTwo new SLA reports have been added to the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics console.  The first is the ‘Current SLA Targets’ report.  It shows the number of affected SLAs of the support organization that still have a response target, a resolution target or a desired completion that needs to be met.

Current SLA Targets report

The second is the ‘Upcoming SLA Targets’ report.  It is the same as the ‘Current SLA Targets’ report, except that it ignores the affected SLAs with a target that is already in the past.

Upcoming SLA Targets report

Note that the response target of an affected SLA is used in these reports if an actual response still needs to be provided.  Otherwise, the resolution target is used, provided that a resolution target has been calculated for the affected SLA and it does not yet have an actual resolution time stamp.  If a desired completion value is specified in the request to which the affected SLA is related, then it is used instead of the affected SLA’s resolution target.

These reports can be added to dashboards to help support organizations predict when they are in danger of no longer being able to meet all their SLA targets.