Custom Product Categories

As part of our ‘Beyond IT’ initiative, we are pleased to announce a new feature that will be especially useful for organizations that use the 4me service to manage their facilities, lease cars, vending machines, etc. This new feature makes it possible to add product categories as needed. It also offers the ability to disable any default product categories that are not needed.

To maintain the product categories for an 4me account, the account administrators can go to the Settings console where the ‘Product Categories’ option has been added. Each product category has a name, a rule set and a reference. The rule set dictates which fields are available in the products and configuration items that are linked to the category (see online help for details). The reference is the unique identifier that can be used by the API to select the product category.

Product Category in View mode
The Group field is optional. It can be used to create groups of product categories, e.g. for different types of software, office furniture or company vehicles.

An icon can be uploaded for each product category. This automatically becomes the default picture for the products that are linked to the product category. Giving each category its own avatar makes it easier for users to find the right option when they are making a selection.

Product Category selection in new product
The selection of a product category for a product has also been improved. Rather than offering a long list of options, it is now possible to enter a few characters to quickly find the category that you are looking for.