Customer Representative Can See All Requests


Many large organizations work with experienced contact persons who have a good overview of their business processes.  These people are not necessarily specialists.  Giving them the Key Contact role would give them the ability to see all of the organization’s requests.  Business processes usually transcend organization borders, though.  Besides, as a key Contact, these people would possibly be able to see more requests than they are supposed to.

The concept of ‘Customer Representative’ has now been expanded to cater to these needs.  Until now, the customer representative only served as a contact person from the customer side of an SLA.  This enhancement gives the customer representative several new privileges.  Since a few weeks, as a preparation for this enhancement, it is possible to relate multiple customer representatives to a service level agreement.  Also, the same person may be related to multiple SLAs as a customer representative.

Sla customer representatives

Persons who are selected as a customer representative of an SLA are now able to see the ‘All Requests’ section in 4me Self Service.  Here, all requests that are related to the service of the SLA (via an affected SLA) are displayed.  These requests can be either from their own account or from that of a customer.  The customer representative can add notes to a request, withdraw a request, or add it to a watchlist.

All requests self service

Customer representatives now also have access to dashboards in 4me Self Service.  To make a dashboard available to a customer representative, this must be configured on the dashboard.  For this, the option ‘Shared with customer representatives’ must be selected, as well as the SLAs to which the data of the reports must be related.

Dashboard share with customer representatives

The customer representative is then able to see the dashboard in the ‘Dashboards’ section of 4me Self Service, with the possibility to drilldown into the data.