Customize Change Type Options

Change TypeChange managers may be happy to hear that the options that are available in the Type field of changes and change templates are now fully customizable.  Historically, the options that the Type field provided were:

  • Application Change
  • Infrastructure Change

These two options allowed organizations to distinguish between changes that needed to be implemented in accordance with their application change management policy and those that did not.  But some organizations may have a need to distinguish more granularly between different change types.  Their 4me account administrators can now go to the Settings console where they will find the ‘Change Types’ section.  This section works just like the ‘Project Categories’ and ‘Project Risk Levels’ sections.  It allows new options to be added and existing options to be modified.

Change Types section in settings console

Most importantly, though, administrators can disable all change types.  Disabling all change types causes the Type field to disappear from the Change and Change Template forms.  This reduces the administrative effort and improves the usability for change managers who work in support domains like HR or Finance where they do not perform any application changes and typically have no need for the Type field.

Disabling a change type

Note that it is now possible to add a short description for each option, as well as a detailed definition to explain when an option should be selected.  Administrators can even dictate the order in which the options are presented for the Type field by manually by dragging them up or down in the ‘Change Types’ section of the Settings console.