Customize Columns in Views


To allow people to customize what they see in views, they can now specify which columns should be included in table views.  They can also dictate the order in which these columns are presented.

Customizing the columns of a table view is easy. To do this, the specialist clicks on the vertical ellipsis (the three small dots) in the upper right corner of the view.  This makes the option ‘Customize Columns…’ available.  After clicking on that option, the ‘Customize Columns’ interface appears.

Customize columns interfaces

This interface lists all the current columns of the view, in their current order.  To remove a column from the view, the specialist clicks on the (-) button in front of that column name.  To add a column, the specialist clicks on the (+) button, or the Link columns…  option.

At that moment, a list with every column that can still be added to the view is presented.  This list includes 4me standard fields, as well as the filterable custom fields that the organization has added to its 4me account.  As many as 25 columns can be presented in a view.  These can then be ordered in any way the specialist prefers, by dragging and dropping the columns in the ‘Customize Columns’ interface.

Customize columns interface drag drop

After clicking ‘Done’, the view is presented in the desired way.  The view can then be sorted as needed and saved by clicking on the vertical ellipsis again and selecting the ‘Save as Personal View…’ option.  Saving the customized view as a personal view ensures that it is available the next time the specialist comes back.  A click on the name above a view shows all the standard and personal views that are available.

Below is an example of a personal view in the Inbox console.  In this example, the ‘Updated’ column, the ‘Service’ column and the ‘Team’ column have been added.

Customize columns personal inbox