Customize Intervals of Aging Reports

Vertical bar chart

The ‘Aging’ reports present how long records in 4me have been in a certain status or condition. The ‘Open Requests Aging since Registered’ report, for example, shows the number of not completed requests, grouped in time intervals during which they were created. Until now, these intervals were fixed. Their time spans were chosen to reasonably distribute the records over these intervals, even though other intervals might make more sense to some organizations. Other organizations might even prefer more, or less intervals. All that is now possible.

Account administrators can now update the intervals of ‘Aging’ reports by clicking the Edit Report button (the button with the pencil) and then selecting the current intervals.

Report intervals

The intervals can be set from minutes to years, where each next time span starts after the previous one. More intervals can be added by clicking ‘Add Interval…’.

New report intervals