Dalmatians and Demand Generation With Joanne Sweetman

Meet Joanne Sweetman! She’s the next guest in our Employee Spotlight series, and we were delighted to chat with her and learn all about what she’s been up to. Joanne is 4me’s Demand Generation Manager and, as such, plays a pivotal role in spreading the word about our cutting-edge platform and getting potential customers excited about all of our ITSM powers.

Based in London, Joanne is ideally situated to engage with our European team members, customers, partners, and prospects. This is particularly advantageous considering Europe’s significance as a key market for 4me, where we’re constantly exploring innovative initiatives in the region.

Joanne joined 4me in 2021. She remembers the Marketing Director calling her for a quick interview. “I was actually on my way to a music festival,” she recalls, “but I decided to take the call because it seemed like a great opportunity. Even though it made me a bit late for the festival, I’m really glad I did.”

With a background rooted in the IT industry, Joanne brings to 4me a profound understanding of technical content and business approaches within IT companies. She was drawn to 4me’s innovative, visionary, and customer-centric approach, which immediately resonated with her. Now, she’s grateful to be part of the team and enjoys the energetic work environment at 4me.

“I find great joy in helping others,” Joanne explains. “I try to always be accessible to offer support or guidance to anyone in the company. And I extend this dedication to our customers and potential clients, ensuring they receive the best possible experience when engaging with 4me, whether it’s through a webinar, a major conference, or a simple email exchange.”

Looking ahead to our upcoming events, Joanne, our dedicated event manager, is absolutely buzzing about this year’s Connect 24 conference and how the Connect series has evolved. From its humble beginnings in one room on the SS Rotterdam, to this year’s amazing venue at Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, the excitement is palpable. Joanne is putting her heart and soul into ensuring that everyone who attends not only learns what sets 4me apart but also has an unforgettable experience. This annual flagship event is about more than just networking and presentations; it’s a chance for industry leaders, clients, partners, and ITSM experts to come together, share ideas, and drive innovation.

Joanne brings a lot of energy both to 4me and to her life outside work. “I love nature and spending time outdoors,” she says. “I especially enjoy long, early-morning walks along the river with my crazy Dalmatian, Cooper, and going on road trips with my bestie and her dog. I try to stay fit, although recent injuries have slowed me down. I’m also a huge fan of Tough Mudders and have completed three halves already. These events are fantastic for team-building, and I’m keen to persuade the London team to join me for my fourth. I have a zest for life and am always ready to take on new challenges.”

Above everything, Joanne cherishes her two adult children. “They’re my daily inspiration,” she shares. “I couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments. My main motivation is to set a positive example for them. From the very beginning, I’ve instilled in them the belief that, with determination, hard work, and passion, anything is within reach.”

Looking ahead, Joanne is excited to continue working with the amazing team at 4me in our drive to take ITSM to the next level. “We have a powerful team here, in all regards,” Joanne says. “In terms of releasing new functions and capabilities, and AI, 4me is ahead of the curve — we’re proactive rather than reactive.”

We’re honored to be working with someone as talented and passionate as Joanne – every day, she helps 4me reach new clients and ensures that all of our customers are delighted by 4me’s ITSM solution. Her masterful demand generation and event planning expertise are vital to 4me’s growth. We’re looking forward to a bright future, for all of us here at the company, and we’re grateful that Joanne is part of that!

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