Dashboard on Inbox Welcome Page


Whenever a specialist logs in to 4me, all requests, problems, tasks, and project tasks that are relevant to that person’s work are immediately visible in the Inbox. To be able to show those records to the account’s specialists within a broader view, it is now possible to add a dashboard at the right side of the screen. This way, they can have an immediate overview of the number of open incidents or problems, for example.

Inbox dashboard

Any dashboard with visibility ‘Shared Within Account’ can be selected by an account administrator or account designer to be displayed on the welcome page of the Inbox, by ticking the ‘Inbox dashboard’ box on the dashboard in ‘Edit’ mode.

Share dashboard inbox
Dashboard refresh

To make sure that the performance of the 4me service is not negatively impacted by the large number of additional report queries, the dashboard data is cached. This means, that the report data is at most 20 minutes old. At the bottom-right of the screen, it is shown when the next data refresh will happen.