Data Integrity Reports for Requests With Workflows

Pie Chart

When a request is registered from a request template and that request starts a workflow, the status of the request changes to ‘Workflow Pending’. The specialists should then no longer work in the request but continue in the workflow. If the Team, Member, or Status field is changed, a warning is displayed: ‘This request is linked to a workflow that is still open’. If the request is manually completed, perhaps because the requester changed their mind and withdraws the request, the related workflow continues open. Unnecessary work will then probably be done, wasting valuable resources. If the status request is changed to anything else than ‘Workflow Pending’ or ‘Completed’, the request will not be automatically completed when the workflow is completed.

To find requests that are completed but related to workflows that are still open, or workflows that were completed but their related requests are still open, two new reports are added to the ‘Data Integrity Reports’ section of the Settings console: ‘Workflows With Completed Requests’ and ‘Requests With Completed Workflows’.

Workflow completed request

From these reports, a view is opened which shows all the requests or workflows that need to be completed to keep data integrity.