Data Protection Workflow Examples

SecurityAll 4me demo environments have a special support domain account called ‘Widget Data Protection’. This account is available at  It now includes several change templates to demonstrate how organizations can use 4me to manage the security and privacy of their services and demonstrate compliance during audits.

Data protection change template examples in 4me demo data

Apart from these change templates, there are now also a number of request template examples in this account.  Together, these change templates and request templates can be used by organizations as a starting point for setting up their own ‘Data Protection’ or Security & Privacy’ support domain account in 4me.

Data protection request template examples in 4me demo data

A number of UI extensions have also been created in the Widget Data Protection account for these request templates.  They should provide helpful guidance when deciding which information to collect from people when they report a possible data breach, phishing scam or security vulnerability.