Decide which Departments Track Time

Timesheet SettingsIn the past, it was possible to switch on time tracking in the ‘Account Settings’ section of the Settings console. When this option was enabled, all specialists would be asked to register the time they spent on requests, problems and tasks.

From now on, however, it is possible to be more specific. Assuming that you have the Account Administrator or the Directory Administrator role, you can go to the new ‘Timesheet Settings’ section of the Settings console. In this section, you can open a new Timesheet Settings record. In a Timesheet Settings record you can define what needs to be tracked. These settings are applied to the Organization records of the departments that you link to the Timesheet Settings record. These settings affect all support specialists who work for these departments.

Track time spent for specific organizations
The option to track the cost of the time that people spent has also been moved to the Timesheet Settings. So now it is also possible to switch this feature on for some departments, while leaving it switched off for others.