Declined Requests KPIs

KPIThe recent improvement of the Decline feature has made it possible to add another enhancement. Two more KPIs have been added to help organizations understand how well their Incident Management process is performing. The new KPIs are ‘Declined Back to Us’ and ‘Declined by Us’. Adding a filter to a request report

The KPI ‘Declined Back to Us’ tracks the number of times a request was declined, causing it to be returned to a team of your support organization. The KPI ‘Declined by Us’ shows how often a team of your support organization has declined a request.
Declined Requests KPI
When a team of your support organization (i.e. a team that is registered in your organization’s 4me account) declines a request, this request gets picked up by both KPIs. It gets more interesting when a team of a managed service provider declines a request, causing it to be returned to a team of your organization. In such cases, the request shows up in the ‘Declined Back to Us’ graph of your organization’s 4me account. The managed service provider sees it in the ‘Declined by Us’ graph of their 4me account.
If you work for a shared service center that supports a number of local IT departments in your region, then you can see it work the other way around. When one of your organization’s teams declines a request back to a team of the IT department at headquarters, then the people at headquarters see this request when they look at the ‘Declined Back to Us’ KPI. Your people see it when they open the ‘Declined by Us’ KPI.