Declining Requests Up the Assignment Trail

DeclineAfter a request has been declined, it is automatically reassigned. The request is returned to the team coordinator when it was declined by a specialist who works for a team that has an active coordinator. The team coordinator may subsequently need to decline the request as well to ensure that it is returned to the previous team. In turn, the previous team may need to send the request back to the service desk.

In the past, this was not so easy. When a request was already set to the status ‘Declined’, it was no longer possible to update the status to ‘Declined’ again. But now that a system note gets added each time someone declines a request, the status field is no longer needed to indicate that a request was declined.
Open Requests Aging since Last Updated report
This made it possible to add some automation. After a request’s status has been set to ‘Declined’, 4me automatically updates the status to ‘Assigned’ as it reassigns the request to the team coordinator, the previous team or the service desk.