Default Organization


When a service desk analyst or a service desk manager creates a new person record from the user interface, that person must be related to an organization, as the Organization field is required. When creating a person record using the APIs, import, self-registering, or via email, it was still possible to leave the Organization field empty. This is now no longer possible. In fact, every person record within 4me now needs to be related to an organization.

A new field has been added to the ‘Account Settings’ section of the Settings console: Default organization.

Account settings default organization
External end user

On directory accounts and standard accounts it is populated with the default organization ‘External End Users’, but another organization may be used instead. Whichever organization is selected in this field; it is required that it is an ‘end user privacy’ organization.

The default organization of a directory account is automatically used by the support domains as well, unless an organization is selected on support domain account level. When a new person record is automatically generated and added to a default organization, then it is registered in the account of the default organization.

The New person organization field, which used to become available in the Self Service settings when the setting ‘Allow people to register’ is enabled, is now removed from there. That setting now also uses the default organization from the Account settings.

See the ‘Important Messages’ section of this 4me Development Update for more information about this update.