Default Personal View


Personal views allow users to filter and order any view in the Inbox, Records and Settings console and then save that view.  It is now possible to create or update a personal view and make it the default view.

As an example, imagine that Howard Tanner has created a personal view called ‘Howard’s Task View’ that displays tasks ordered first by Team and then by Target.  This helps him see right away which tasks are related to the Operations team, and which of those has the closest target.  Every time he would look up tasks, he had to select this personal view again. But not anymore.

When editing ‘Howard’s Task View’, a new option ‘Default view’ is now available.  If Howard selects this setting and saves the personal view, he will always see ‘Howard’s Task View’ as the default view whenever he navigates to the ‘Tasks’ section of the Records console.

Default personal view