Default Source Field Values for Requests

RequestAs a follow-up to the recent improvement of the Source labels that are displayed in the request reports, the default values that 4me specifies in the Source field of requests have now also been adjusted to make them a little easier to understand.

Henceforth, the Source field of a request that was registered in the Service Desk console will be set to ‘4me’ rather than ‘web’. Similarly, requests that were registered in 4me’s self service interface or the 4me App will get the Source field value ‘4me Self Service’ instead of ‘self service’. And if the request was submitted by sending an email to 4me, its Source field will be ‘Email’ instead of ’email’.

Note that the Source field values of existing requests remain unchanged. If desired, organizations can update the Source field value of those requests by performing a full export, removing all columns from the export file except for the column that contains the request IDs and the Source column. The values in the Source column can be then updated by performing a search/replace, after which the file can be imported to update the Source field values of those requests.