Define an Owner for Each Dashboard


People with the Specialist role can edit their own dashboards, while people with the Account Designer or Account Administrator role can edit all dashboards.  To avoid that a dashboard is edited without the knowledge or permission of its creator, the Owner attribute has now been introduced.  Only the owner of a dashboard is now able to edit or delete that dashboard.

Whenever a person with sufficient rights tries to edit a dashboard but is not the owner, only the Owner field is available for editing.  The owner can be changed by the current owner, the creator of the dashboard or someone with the Designer or Administrator role in the account of the dashboard.

Change owner dashboard

After changing the owner, the new owner can edit the dashboard normally.  When the owner changes, the previous and new owner are notified.  For this, the email template ‘Dashboard Owner Changed’ has been created.  This template is set to ‘disabled’ by default, so it can be customized to an organization’s preferred style before enabling it.

The ‘Dashboards’ view now reflects these changes.  The ‘Created By’ column has been replaced by an ‘Owner’ column and the dashboard owner’s name is also displayed under the name of the dashboard that is presented.

Dashboard shared with owner column

Customizable columns and personal views are now also supported in the dashboard view, plus it can now be filtered on six attributes:

  • Created
  • Created by
  • Owner
  • Shared with key contacts (more about this in the next section of this update)
  • Updated
  • Visibility (more about this in the third section of this update)