Delete Notes

DisabledFrom time to time it happens that sensitive information is included in a note or one of the note’s attachments. To prevent all support specialists from seeing this information, a new feature has been added that allows administrators to remove such notes.

Administrators now see 3 small dots at the very right side of a note’s header to indicate that an action can be taken. Clicking on this ellipsis makes the option ‘Delete Note’ available.

Duplicate change and task templates
This option is available only when the person who added the note is registered in the 4me account of the administrator. That means that if the person is registered in a directory account, his/her notes can only be removed by the directory administrator. Also, a note can only be removed when it was added less than 14 days ago.

Once removed, the note’s attachments are deleted. A message takes the place of the note. This message specifies who redacted the note and when this was done.

Duplicate change and task templates
In the audit trail, the same message is displayed where the note used to be.