Delete SCIM User Records

API4me’s SCIM Provisioning capabilities make it easy for organizations to automate the maintenance of their employee information in 4me by linking their 4me account with their identity provider, such as Azure AD, Google SSO, Okta, OneLogin, etc.

When the configuration of an identity provider is updated, however, the link between a SCIM user record in 4me and its corresponding record in the identity provider may become corrupted.  To easily recover from this, it is now possible to delete a SCIM user record in 4me.

Deleting a SCIM user record allows it to be recreated by the SCIM integration.  This ensures that the person record in 4me automatically gets updated again with the information from the identity provider.

SCIM Users in 4me Settings console with Delete option

By holding down the Shift or Ctrl key, it is possible to select multiple SCIM users in the view.  Pressing the Delete button in the toolbar causes all selected SCIM users to be deleted.