Dennis Blommesteijn Joins Development Team

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A product is only as good as the people who create and maintain it.  That’s why 4me is excited to announce that Dennis Blommesteijn has joined 4me’s development team as Senior Software Engineer.

Dennis Blommesteijn - Senior Software Engineer at 4me

Dennis brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organization.  As a software engineer and system architect, he has worked on a wide variety of systems and technologies for several service organizations.  One of his strengths is bridging the gap between business development and software development. 

Dennis is someone who constantly looks for new methods and technologies to improve processes and is always willing to transfer his knowledge to the other engineers in his team.  These are personality traits that are much appreciated in the 4me organization.

What impressed me the most, when I learned about 4me, is how well the organization is structured.  The quality of their code-base and automated tests is impressive.  It explains why they are still able to deliver multiple new features every week, even though the solution is already so mature.  This makes for an exciting environment to work, because it allows me to build new capabilities that customers will actually use shortly thereafter.

Dennis Blommesteijn – Senior Software Engineer

Working from the Netherlands, Dennis will feel right at home in the development team that already includes several other Dutchmen like Mathijs Sterk, Robbert Brak, Robin Roestenburg and Fried Hoeben.  All his colleagues are eager to support him as he starts to work on the first enhancement that he will add to the 4me service.