Desired Completion Hidden By Default

Affected SLAA usability enhancement has been implemented for the Desired completion field. It is now hidden by default. When it is not visible, a link is provided instead.

Set desired completion link

The goal is to make sure that service desk analysts and specialists do not get the impression that the Desired completion field needs to be filled out. Only in exceptional cases should a target be entered that is different from the resolution target that is calculated by the SLA, even when the SLA target is ‘Best Effort’.

A discussion about the Desired completion field on the 4me User Group on LinkedIn revealed that customers still want to have quick access to this field. That is why the hyperlink has been introduced, rather than a new option in the Actions menu. When this hyperlink is pressed, it is replaced by the Desired completion field.

Desired completion field

To make sure that the Desired completion field can always be found in the same place when it can be set, the Waiting until field has been moved to a position directly below the Status field.

Waiting until field with Set desired completion link