Direct Link for Guest Users

user access

Recently, the 4me Whistleblowing feature was announced, which means that people can be allowed to log in to 4me anonymously. Logging in without credentials, also known as guest login, can also be a very powerfull feature for organizations that do not (yet) know their users. This is often the case for local governments that provide a portal, or retail organizations that want to allow consumers to contact the service desk.

A small but potent enhancement has now been added to the Guest login feature. When checking ‘Allow guests to register requests anonymously’ in the ‘Self Service Settings’ section of the Settings console, a deep link to guest access is now shown.

Deep link guest access

Organizations can use this link to bypass the 4me login page, by placing it directly on the portal or website. Whenever a person clicks the deep link, they are then immediately presented with the self-service portal.

Guest login

In a later iteration of the Guest user feature, it will be made possible for users to add their name and email address later on, to allow for communication about their requests.