Display Only the Option Name

PressThere are a few fields in which an option can be selected and where each option has a name that is followed by a short description. This short description is helpful when one of the field’s options needs to be selected. But in Edit mode, these fields are not wide enough to display the name and the short description inside them.

Category and Impact fields before

That is why, in Edit mode, only the name of an option is now presented in these fields. The name and the description are both still visible when a selection is made. So the descriptions are still there to help the user make the right choice.

Category and Impact fields of request without description

The affected fields are:

  • Impact
  • Category
  • Completion reason
  • Risk level
  • Export strategy

Another field that is affected by this change is the Team field of requests. The name of the team that is selected in this field is typically followed by the responsibility that this team has for the request. The description of the team’s responsibility now no longer shows up inside the Team field, but it is still displayed when the field options are&nbasp;listed.

Team field of request without responsibility

Finally, the Effort class field now becomes wider when the name of the selected option is longer. This ensures that the entire name of the selected effort class is visible inside the field.

Effort class field with long option selected