Display Reports in Table View

Reports table view

Most of the reports in the Analytics console can be displayed as several different chart types, such as a pie chart, a donut chart, or a bar chart. Even metric reports can be turned into another chart when they are grouped by a column of their data. A new chart type has now been added, which shows the data of reports in a table view.

The new display option is available for all reports, except heatmap reports, which are already displayed in a table view. Even complex reports, such as the ‘Customer Satisfaction’ report which consists of multiple graphs, can be displayed as a table. For each distinct value (graph) related to a value on the X-axis, a column with those values is added to the table. These values are clickable and open a view with the underlying data. Whenever possible, the table footer of a column shows the sum of the values in that column.

Customer satisfaction table