Do Not Notify People When Their Timesheet is Incomplete

Timesheet settings

A new timesheet settings option has been added.  This option makes it possible for administrators to prevent 4me from sending notifications to people whose timesheet is incomplete.

Timesheet settings with incomplete notifications activated

By default the new option ‘Notify people when their timesheet is incomplete’ is checked.  If left unchanged, 4me will send out notifications at the start of a new workweek when people did not register all their time for the previous workweek.  This can be a little annoying for departments that, for example, only want to track people’s time for certain time allocations, such as government-subsidized R&D activities.  In such departments, people will not register 100% of their workweek’s time in 4me.  It therefore is not helpful to remind these people every week that they need to complete their timesheet by sending them a notification.

These notifications are based on the timesheet email template ‘Past Week Incomplete’.  Organizations were previously already able to avoid such notifications by disabling this email template.  Deactivating the new timesheet settings option can be useful, though, because it ensures that only the people who work for an organization linked to the timesheet settings record stop receiving reminders to complete their timesheet.  People who belong to an organization which timesheet settings record still has the new option checked will then continue to receive these notifications.