Download the 4me App

SmartphoneThe 4me App is available now for download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

The most important benefit that this app provides over simply using the web browser on your smartphone to access 4me, is the ability to receive push notifications.  When you are on the go, you no longer need to rely on 4me’s email notifications or open 4me to check whether there are any new notifications for you.  The 4me App allows you to receive these push notifications on your smartphone or iPad, even when the app itself is closed.

4me push notification

A small indicator on the home screen will also show you whether there are any new notifications waiting for you.

Smartphone home screen with the 4me App showing new notifications

Setting up the 4me App is easy.  After you have downloaded it from the App Store or Google Play, you will be asked for your organization’s 4me account ID.  This is the subdomain part of the URL that people use to access the organization’s self-service portal.

Enter your 4me account to get started

After that, you can give 4me permission to send notifications to your smartphone.

4me would like to send you notifications

The final step is for you to enter your login credentials.  Most organizations will have single sign-on enabled, so most people should not have a problem entering these credentials.  Alternatively, if the organization did not activate single sign-on in 4me, the user will be prompted for his/her email address and 4me password.