Download the Users of Your Account


If you are the owner of your organization’s 4me account, you have always been able to see the number of users of the account.  This number is important because it dictates how much your organization is charged for the use of the 4me service.

To provide more control over this number, we have now made it possible to download the list of people who have been counted as a user.  Account administrators and directory administrators can do this from the ‘Billable Users’ section of the Settings console.

Billable Users
You can also use the API to automatically download this data in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) or CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format.  See the developer documentation for details.

Note that a person is counted as a user for a specific month only when he or she is registered in the account, was enabled, and had a role (other than the End User or Key Contact roles) at any time during that month.