Drag and Drop Attachments

AttachmentGive this a try: Drag a file to a request and drop it onto the Note field. The file gets uploaded as an attachment. You can also do this with multiple files.

You will notice how the background color changes once files are dragged to a position where they can be dropped. And you will see that, after the files are dropped, the darker background color behind the file names moves from left to right to indicate the progress of their upload.

This drag and drop feature is available wherever you can attach files, i.e. also in problems, changes, SLAs, CIs, contracts, etc. End users can also make use of this feature in Self Service.

Many people have asked for this feature, so we know it will be popular. Before you get too excited, however, it is important to point out this drag and drop capability is only available in Internet Explorer 10 (or higher), Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Users who are still on IE8 or IE9 will need to upgrade to a more current browser before they will be able to experience the joys of drag and drop.