Duplicate Dashboard Reports

DashboardIt is common to place the same report multiple times on the same dashboard.  Different filters can then be applied to each version of the report to ensure each conveys different information.  For example, the metric report ‘Open Requests’ may be placed at the top of a dashboard four times to show the service desk analysts the current number of:

  • Top-Impact Requests
  • Major Incidents
  • Urgent Requests
  • Open Incidents

Dashboard with duplicated report

In the past, preparing this dashboard would have required the ‘Open Requests’ report to be placed on the dashboard four times by clicking on the Add Reports button four times and selecting the report each time from the long list of standard reports.  Now the person who is preparing the dashboard only needs to do this once, after which the Duplicate icon in the upper right corner of the report can be used to quickly duplicate it three times.

Dashboard with report to be duplicated

When a report is duplicated, its custom size, name, and filters are also applied to its duplicate.  This makes it easy, for example, to ensure that the duplicate reports have the same size as the original report.