Dynamic Custom Date Ranges


When viewing a report, creating a dashboard, or even when searching for a specific record: being able to filter on a date or date range is often fundamental for selecting the required data. 4me’s date filtering options were already very flexible, providing both a large selection of quick ranges, such as ‘week to date’ or ‘previous month’, and the possibility of using custom ranges, where a date range between any two specific dates can be selected.

The custom range filter option has now been extended to allow for even more flexible filtering. For every range, three possible start and end points can now be selected: ‘Now’, a ‘Relative Date’, or the classic ‘Specific Date’. Date ranges starting or ending ‘Now’ filter records from, or up to, this moment. This may give different results than when choosing today as a ‘Specific Date’, because that would include the whole of today. The chosen options, as can be seen below, are displayed in black.

Custom date range now

But the most powerful new feature of this filter enhancement is the ‘Relative Date’ option. This option allows for the creation of dynamic custom date ranges, that are especially useful when creating dashboards. Regardless of when a dashboard is consulted, the results always contain a running period between the chosen relative start and end points of the selection.

Custom date range dynamic