Dynamic Knowledge Suggestions for Specialists

KnowledgeWhen a specialist opens a request in Edit mode, the Service Hierarchy Browser (SHB) automatically opens to the right of the request. The SHB now has an additional section for knowledge articles.

The knowledge articles that are presented in this section of the SHB are the ones that are related to the service of the service instance that is linked to the request and that have a fuzzy match with the subject of the request.

Request in Edit mode with knowledge article suggestions in SHB

When the magnifying glass icon is pressed, the Filter box is hidden and all articles for the service of the request’s service instance are listed in order of popularity. The small button inside the filter box can be used to clear the subject of the request. This also causes all the knowledge articles of the service to be retrieved. By entering some keywords, this list can quickly be filtered to look up a specific article.

Specialists can click on one of the suggested articles to see its preview. A Ctrl+click opens the article in a new browser tab. Dragging and dropping one of the articles onto the request adds its instructions to the Note field.